Christmas & the New Year

I’m sorry to anyone following me! It’s been a long time since my last post. However, I have had a lot to deal with lately. I think I’m OK now, so I should be able to post regularly. I hope so at least!

Christmas Week


Christmas is supposed to be a fun time. Surrounded by those you care about. And originally, it was going to be just that. I had intended to spend it with my boyfriend at the time and a few people who had made the trip across seas to see him. And given Christmas isn’t such a big deal in Japan, I had taken a holiday day so I wouldn’t have to work it.

However, it turned out, that just wasn’t meant to be.


He decided to break up with me just days before Christmas. And of course I was sad, any person in their right mind would have been. However, I chose to pick myself up as quickly as I could, and instead focus on other things. I wasn’t going to be unhappy.


There was one problem, though. How would I spend Christmas day after having booked it off?

I wasn’t exactly going to walk back into work and tell them I had decided to work.


And this lead me to downloading Tinder for the first time in Japan.


I wasn’t sure what to expect if I’m honest. I didn’t have much experience on Tinder in general and had only really used it for fun with my University friends in the past. I definitely didn’t expect it to work as well as it did and soon enough, I was talking to a few different guys and had plans for Christmas eve!


The day came quickly enough and I made sure I looked cute enough.

I met the guy, and he was also really attractive, definitely my type! And he was quite sweet. Took me to a rather expensive and fancy izakaya and we clicked quite well.

I’m not sure whether it was the alcohol or because of that, but the two of us ended up in a love hotel together. Perhaps not the usual idea for a first date, but honestly, I also think it was a good idea. Although things between us sort of drifted after that, we had fun on that one night.


And in case you’re wondering, Christmas day was also pretty fun. I spent it clothes shopping in Osaka!

Definitely a fun way to spend it!


The lead-up to New Years


A few days before New Years Eve, I managed to convince my best friend to go to the nightclub with me. I wasn’t sure whether I would do so for New Years Eve, so I wanted to go there one night around the time.

It was a fun night and the two of us looked really cute! Honestly, it didn’t take long before guys were trying to come up to us, most likely because we were foreign.


Neither of us particularly cared about pulling anyone that night, however, we did each find a guy each we liked the look of.

It was probably around 3 or 4 in the morning, and me being the drunken idiot I am, decided that I wanted to go to karaoke. All four of us went together, before finally taking a taxi back to our apartments. It was great because me and my best friend lived in the same block!

That night, not much happened. I cuddled the guy and kissed him a little, but that was it. And the next day, he stayed until the evening. I think all we did was watch movies, but it was fun anyway.


He came back to my apartment to see the New Year in with myself and my best friend. We had some food, some drink and watched the celebrations on TV, it was a really fun night actually! We all relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.


After that, we talked for a short while longer. However, he stopped talking for whatever reason. I still don’t understand why. The guy my best friend was speaking to did the same thing, only he talked to her for longer. Neither of us mind, though we are curious still.
My best friend and I had other things on our mind, like our upcoming girls trip to Nagoya!
We were both excited for that!

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